Hey! I'm Isaac

One of the questions that wedding guests ask me most frequently in the general reception banter is .. "You must have a few good bridezilla stories then aye?".

And my truthful answer is - nah. Not really!

Because I reckon that like attracts like. My wedding couples are usually pretty cruisy, laid back, easy going peeps that want someone who they can hang out with on the day; someone who won't ask them to do a bunch of cheesy poses that they feel awkward doing; and someone that will just quietly capture the genuine moments & story of the wedding without too much fuss.

I love working in a candid / documentary mode for the majority of a wedding - with the odd splash of creative magic thrown in at moments when the light is epic, and when you want to take a bit of time to just enjoy each other's company as a couple.

In my opinion - a wedding should be a party, not a performance. So just enjoy the chance to relax, kick back and enjoy the day - with the security that I'll create something epic - no matter if it's blinding sunshine or a tropical downpour (because rain photos rule too!).

Outside the general photographer stuff - I'm a pretty chill guy. You'll find me downing flat whites at the local cafe while I edit weddings on my laptop, or out chasing waves if the surf is pumping. I'm a qualified yoga teacher - and enjoy taking life day-to-day rather than scheming too far ahead.

Let's catch up for a Skype chat or a real-time coffee and see if we click.
(haha. camera pun. See what I did there?).

~ Isaac.

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