Hey! We're Isaac + Amy

One of the questions that wedding guests ask us most frequently in the general reception banter is .. "You must have a few good bridezilla stories then aye?".

And our truthful answer is - nah. Not really!

Because we reckon that like attracts like. Our wedding couples are usually pretty cruisy, laid back, easy going peeps that want someone who they can hang out with on the day; someone who won't ask them to do a bunch of cheesy poses that they feel awkward doing; and someone that will just quietly capture the genuine moments & story of the wedding without too much fuss.

We love working in a candid / documentary mode for the majority of a wedding - with the odd splash of creative magic thrown in at moments when the light is epic, and when you want to take a bit of time to just enjoy each other's company as a couple.

In our opinion - a wedding should be a party, not a performance. So just enjoy the chance to relax, kick back and enjoy the day - with the security that I'll create something epic - no matter if it's blinding sunshine or a tropical downpour (because rain photos rule too!).

Let's catch up for a Skype chat or a real-time coffee and see if we click.
(haha. camera pun. See what we did there?).

~ Isaac + Amy



I'm like two polar opposites, existing in one body.

On the one hand, I love to surf, I teach yoga at a cute little studio in Cairns, I play guitar, and back in NZ I drive a housebus.

The flipside is, I also love to hit the gym daily, jump around in the mosh pit at punk shows, and watch UFC. I geek out over technology and have an in-built "good coffee" radar.

It's a weird mix - but somehow it works. 


I'm someone who loves to hear people's stories.

How did they fall in love? What are their dreams?

As well as photographing weddings, I'm also a teacher - working with children with special needs. 

My passion in life is bringing people joy, and being with the ones I love.  Definitely a hopeless romantic - I'm always the first to cry at weddings!

Cairns is my home - I grew up here and enjoy spending days chilling at the beach.

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