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Hey! We're Isaac & Amy.

We want your wedding day to be REAL.

Not about posing / staging cheesy wedding photos all day - but capturing the genuine moments that happen. Your friends laughing. Your dad struggling with his speech. Images that will bring back the emotions you were feeling.

We want to be there just like guests - mixing in amongst everyone, chatting, snapping away quietly - blending in and making images that FEEL like you're there - inside the moment.

And of course - take a few moments here and there to create some epic WOW shots to go on the wall, and blow up your Insta.

In the summertime we're shooting with Perspectives Photo + Cinema in New Zealand alongside a rad team of talented peeps.

For the rest of the year - we hang out in warmer climates &  we would love to photograph your wedding in Cairns / Port Douglas / Palm Cove / Tablelands / anywhere!!

Want to know a bit more about us & our approach to photographing weddings ??

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The best way to make your wedding memorable ... is to BE there - enjoying every second of it.

Oh - and champagne. Lots of champagne.

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The main thing I've learned - in more than 500 weddings over the last 10 years - is that the more you can just relax & trust that the little things will take care of themselves - the more fun you'll have!

My favourite weddings to capture are all about the guests, the party, and having an amazing time.

Recent Work

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I once heard a little quote. It said “a wedding is a party, not a performance. If, at the end of the day, you end up married to the one you love – then everything went perfectly”.

That really stuck with me – and ever since, I have really strived to just capture the REALNESS of a wedding. Of course, I love to still mix in the few epic shots – but what I really want to do is capture your wedding day as it truly was. Not standing around posing for hours. No annoying requests for photos every few minutes. Just a great party, an awesome celebration, and real moments of you, your friends, and your family.

I’m a Cairns wedding photographer – also covering weddings in Port Douglas, Palm Cove, the Tablelands, and everywhere else you can think of (including Bali!).

During the summertime I hang out in New Zealand, where I’m originally from. But my partner is from Cairns – so we escape the cold winters and head back to Cairns for a few months. During this time – I’m available to be booked for Cairns weddings.

Photography has been a full-time career for me for the past 10 years – and I’m super passionate about capturing weddings (it’s basically all I do).
I’ve been lucky enough to photograph more than 500 weddings now, all over the world. So developing a new portfolio of work in the Far North Queensland area is a new, exciting opportunity for me.

Outside of wedding photography, I’m also available for family portrait photography and various commercial jobs – get in touch if you’re interested in chatting more about these.

So if you’re looking for a Cairns wedding photographer, a Port Douglas wedding photographer, or a Palm Cove wedding photographer – I can help you out.

Thanks for stopping by – let’s arrange a time to catch up for a coffee and chat about your wedding plans & ideas!